At first it’s time of setting up the sail and controlling the disentangling of the lines.

You do not have to participate in this phase.

Then, the pilot equips you and adjusts the harness to your morphology.

To optimize take-off, the wind will be taken into account. A headwind reduces the necessary speed gain and therefore the momentum.

Before the start, the pilot positions you in front of him, to his right in the middle of the sail.

When he considers the moment favorable, he invites you to progress gradually, first by walking then accelerating the pace. The race to two in the slope is made possible by the support of the sail, but it does not carry us yet, as long as we are in contact with the ground, we must run without sitting. It is only once enough distance that you can, by the arms behind the straps, sit well at the bottom of the harness by helping you with both hands.

During the flight your hands are free and you can easily take pictures. But do not let anything fall!