Useful information

It is possible for you to fly tandem paragliding flights without being asked for any other skill than to run nicely when your pilot asks you, the essential condition being to want to fly!

For flights made from the Pleiades (700m altitude difference), the climb is by train from Blonay station.
About twenty minutes are enough for us to take off.

For those made from Sonchaux (1000m altitude difference) the climb is done with minibuses or by car.
The upper part is accessible only to buses of the club or schools.

It is possible to fly on other site, for example: Aux Rochers de Naye since the halt of Jaman, in Leysin since Berneuse, Verbier since the Ruinettes, etc. (Price upon request)

It is recommended to be equipped with good shoes with a high profile sole.
The meadows we use for takeoff are pastures and can be slippery.

It is possible to organize flights for groups.

You can also order gift vouchers.

A flight costs 140.- from the Pleiades and 170.- from Sonchaux (150.- for students).

The costs of the passenger climb are included.

You can obtain, as an option, personal photos and videos. They will be handed over at the end of the flight for an additional 40.- (SD card included).

The duration of the flight depends largely on the weather conditions and tastes of the passenger. It is between 15 and 30 minutes.
Longer flights are possible from Jaman.