Born on June 15, 1961 in Vevey, technical training, after adolescence and these experiments in mechanical sport past, it is the outdoor physical activities that attract me. Skiing, tennis, climbing, sailing. From the beginning of the rise of the paragliding, it is this passion which completed my schedule.

The pilot’s certificate was awarded in December 1988, then the tandem qualification obtained in March 1990 opened the doors to free flight.

This is the time when paragliding manufacturers are looking for the limits of their products. To this end, they need test pilots. This is how Ailes de K, established Morges, Engage in their Team addicted to perform tests and demonstrations. This collaboration will last approximately 4 years.

Since that heroic time, wings have evolved a lot, both in performance and security. I had the privilege of being able to “grow” with them! As in skiing, there are specific sails for different types of flights and pilots.

The different types of paragliding are schools, intermediaries, performances, competitions tandem, freestyles, mountains, etc.

Joined the Para Delta Club of Pléiades (PDCP) in 1993, appointed secretary in 1995 and president from 1996 to 2016. I am still part of the committee.

I practice paragliding on all occasions. In single it is the flights of distance which I privilege. With tandem, it’s the pleasure of discovering the dream of Icarus that I love. It is always a moment of privileged sharing, a dream parenthesis in this sometimes difficult world.

That’s how I currently total more than 5600 flights, which represents at least 4’000’000 meters of altitude and 2600 hours of flight.

I invite you to discover the wonderful world of free flying in my company.