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More information
Conditions of admission

It is possible for you to fly in a two-seater paraglider without being asked for any skill other than to run nicely when your pilot asks you to, the essential condition being to want to fly!

For flights from Les Pléiades (700m elevation gain), the ascent is by train from Blonay station.
Twenty minutes are enough for us to get to takeoff.

For those made from Sonchaux (1000m drop) the climb is done with minibuses or by car.
The upper part is accessible only to club or school buses.

It is possible to fly to other sites, for example: Aux Rochers de Naye from the Jaman halt, Leysin from Berneuse, Verbier from Les Ruinettes, etc. (Price upon request)

It is recommended to be equipped with good shoes with a high profile sole.
The meadows serving as our take-off are pastures and can be slippery.

It is possible to organize flights for groups.

A flight costs 140.- from Les Pléiades and 170.- from Sonchaux (150.- for students).

Passenger boarding fees are included.

You can obtain, as an option, personal souvenir photos and videos.

They will be given to you at the end of the flight for an additional 40.- (SD card included).

The duration of the flight depends largely on the weather conditions and the tastes of the passenger. It is between 15 and 30 minutes.
Longer flights are possible from Jaman.

Be equipped with high shoes, with a high profile sole. For example walking shoes.

Not suffer from physical problems for which the practice of paragliding is medically inadvisable. Inform the pilot of your possible weaknesses in order to take the necessary consideration.

Do not exceed 100 kg.

Minors must have the authorization of their legal representative.


The passenger must have accident insurance and comply with the pilot's instructions.

Meeting places

For flights from Sonchaux:

Take the “Villeneuve” motorway exit and continue in the direction of Villeneuve.

  • Follow the brown signs "Centre de vol libre"

  • At the first roundabout, turn right

  • At the next intersection, turn left

  • The landing field is located 100m on the right, behind the trees


Click to display the access map

Lieu de rendez-vous
Take off
Deco / atterro

At first it is a question of setting up the sail and checking the untangling of the lines.

You do not have to participate in this phase.

Then, the pilot equips you and adjusts the harness to your morphology.

To optimize take-off, the wind will be taken into account. A headwind reduces the necessary speed gain and therefore the run-up.

Before the start, the pilot positions you in front of him, on his right in the middle of the sail.

When he considers the moment favorable, he invites you to move forward gradually, first by walking and then by accelerating your pace. The race with two in the slope is made possible by the support of the sail, but this one does not carry us yet, as long as we are in contact with the ground, it is necessary to run without sitting down. It is only when you are far enough away that you will be able, by passing your arms behind the straps, to sit well at the back of the harness, helping you with both hands.

During the flight your hands are free and you can easily take pictures. However, don't drop anything! ;-)

The pilot informs you that it is time to get into position for the landing phase. This consists of standing up straight so that your legs are straight and the harness board is raised to your lower back. You are supported from this point on by the straps.

To adjust the target, it is necessary to chain a few turns.

The final consists of making a final straight line and a flare to break the speed. During contact with the ground, you have to land on your feet and stay upright, you will walk a little longer until the sail comes to a complete stop.

The pilot releases you from the paraglider and we move with the equipment to the folding area. It is necessary to pay attention to other paragliders landing in the same place.

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