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“Why fly? For once you have tried to fly, you will walk on the earth with your eyes turned to the sky, for there you have gone, and there you long to return..."

Leonardo DeVinci

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Your pilot

Passionate about paragliding for more than 35 years, I currently have more than 6,100 flights to my credit.

First a test pilot for the first paraglider manufacturers, I then chaired the Para Delta Club of Pléiades for 20 years.

I particularly like to introduce this marvelous sport during tandem flights.


The place of flight

The Vaud Riviera is an ideal place to take off and enjoy this idyllic landscape : lake and mountains at hand.

Nothing better than taking off facing the lake, surrounded by all these magnificent mountains.

Several places of flight are possible: Sonchaux (Villeneuve), the Pléiades (Vevey) or even Jaman (Montreux).

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A soft landing

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